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The Wessex range of home lifts have been made in Britain for over 40 years, bringing a wealth of engineering and manufacturing expertise to their range of products. Today’s range has been designed to fit into your home as neatly as possible to allow accessibility throughout

Home lifts have become increasingly popular among those looking to make accessible alterations to their homes. For some, these lifts are installed in order to future-proof a home, while for others, alterations may be required due to changes in mobility which subsequently result in accessibility challenges within the home, perhaps with staircases, for example. No longer are lifts reserved for public access, with affordable pricing and sleek designs, our range of lifts are the perfect addition to any home

The Wessex range includes the compact Elesse, suitable for one or two people, the VE, fully enclosed lift for two to three people or for a wheelchair user either independently or with a carer and the open VM, suitable for a wheelchair user travelling alone

It is most common for users to choose to have the lift installed between the living room and bedroom, however due to the small footprint of our home lifts can fit neatly in the corner of a room or even anywhere you’d like! In order to install a lift, building works are required which we project manage and is included in the price. Installations often take just a few days and we clean up as we go, meaning you can rest assured knowing you have experts on hand every step of the way

Wessex Luxury Home Lift
Wessex Home Lift in Bedroom
All our home lifts are neat and compact; there’s no need for a pit or a pump rpm during an installation/ Our range of Wessex lifts are fitted to guide rails and includes a small hydraulic pump dox that can be fitted indoors or outdoors to make it even more quiet and inconspicuous

All Wessex lifts come with a 12-month warranty with service and maintenance plans available from our dedicated aftercare team. We offer 24/7 coverage, 365 days a year with our local engineers so you can have total peace of mind that you will be looked after throughout the lifetime of your lift. We were also awarded the Which Trusted Traders Certificate of Distinction in June 2020 for our outstanding customer service record which as a customer you will benefit from

Lead Time

All Wessex models are made to order and the wait time is typically around 8-10 weeks. Once on-site, it takes around 3-4 days to complete the installation which includes one to three days of building works and around a day for the installation of the lift

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