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Since 2004 we’ve been offering high quality and stylish home lifts that allow people to stay in the home they love. We don’t believe that anyone should have to move home just because their stairs are a problem. With an incredible range of lifts to suit every budget as well as every individual users’ needs, it’s no wonder we’re 1st Choice!

What Are Home Lifts?

Home lifts, also known as domestic lifts, vertical lifts or through-floor lifts are a practical solution for you if you can no longer manage the stairs. Do you live in a house with multiple generations and need a lifting solution that keeps the stairs free? Perhaps you’re preparing for a time when you may struggle climbing the stairs and want to future-proof your home? Maybe you have an elderly pet who could also benefit from not having to climb the stairs? Whatever the need, we have the right option for you! Our range of home lifts will allow you to travel through the floors of your home safely.

Our Range

There are several different makes and models of home lifts available on the market, each serving different needs for every individual and their budget. Our range includes lifts from both Wessex and Stiltz. Here we have separated them into concise categories making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Here are the types that you can choose from:

Luxury Range

Larger lifts for multiple standing users or for a wheelchair user if needed (this range is suitable if you need to be able to travel between more than two floors)

How Much Does a Home Lift Cost?

Home lifts are far more affordable than you expect! With our shaftless Classic, Compact and Compact Plus range starting from just £12,000 (including building works), stylish and practical lifting solutions are now available for everyone and every budget. If you are looking to indulge, we also offer our range of Luxury home lifts that start from £20,000! Occasionally, we even have second-hand, refurbished home lifts available in our Classic and Compact range that are available at a reduced rate! Read all about the price of home lifts and what can affect the cost here!

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Putting the care into aftercare

Your safety and independence is our priority. And while home lifts are built to last and serve you for a long time, we have callout, repair and maintenance services available so you never have to worry that you’re going to be left without access to your home. Our local engineers are available day and night and will often get to you on the same day, meaning you can rest assured that your lift will always run safely and smoothly!

Why Choose a Homelift?

An affordable luxury which future proofs your home, opening it up to all generations and abilities


Some customers are looking to add a little luxury and value to their properties. Others have decided to make their home more welcoming for family and friends who struggle on the stairs. Or, are preparing for a time when they themselves, or their parents can’t enjoy the freedom of the multi-generational family home because of the stairs


We can provide a solution that is compact, fits neatly into your home and can be surprisingly affordable. Installation is usually a simple process requiring as little as 3-4 days including minor building works to complete and we will manage the whole project for you from start to finish


We’re independent, so we’ll help you choose from a wide range of the best lifts available in the UK. All our home lifts incorporate advanced safety and emergency power fail safe features. They’re surprisingly cheap to run too. Checkout the article about the costs of owning a lift

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