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Wessex VE

Low level access available in two sizes with powered door opening
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Wessex VE Home Lift

The VE is ideal for multiple passengers or a wheelchair user to use independently or with their carer.  It comes in four different platform sizes to suit your needs or the size of the users specific wheelchair

Standard Features
Safety Features
Optional Addons
  • Full height enclosed door
  • Manual opening door
  • One touch Push and go button controls
  • Low level access with a low level ramp
  • Automated LED Internal lighting
  • Wireless call stations to call the lift between floors
  • In car telephone
  • Sensor plates on the top and bottom of the lift, to eliminate any crushing hazard. 
  • An emergency stop button inside the lift and on the wall controls too.
  • Integrated fire seal protection with integrated smoke and heat protectors to the current safety standards. When not in use, the lift can be parked upstairs or downstairs and there is an integrated fire seal protection on the top and bottom of the lift. 
  • Emergency battery backup in case of a power failure that provides in-car lighting, power door, and emergency lowering if not already on the ground floor so you will always be able to go downstairs.
  • Optional Extras
  • Upgrade from manual opening door to powered opener
  • Non-standard internal colours and flooring
  • Battery backup with uninterrupted power supply
  • Keyswitch isolation
  • Fold up seat
  • Optional 300kg safe working load upgrade
  • Travel up to 3.5m
  • Safe working load 250kgs/39.4 stone or optional 300kg/47 stone
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